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Refine. Hone. Distill. The self is a text, too.

Tattoo My Story: Breast Cancer, Ink, and Human Experience

All you have to do is see me in a short-sleeved shirt to know that I like tattoos. I’m a storyteller, so each tattoo has its reason, but I also know people … Continue reading

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CollectivEvolution: A Communal Organic Story

In the midst of my usual copy editing and developmental editing gigs, I’ve signed up for some Managing Editor responsibilities on a project with my friend and client, Shannon Johnson, … Continue reading

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My Life-Changers: Teachers to Appreciate

While I didn’t get this post up in time for yesterday’s National Teacher Day, this entire week is devoted to recognizing and expressing gratitude for extraordinary educators.  Although I have … Continue reading

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Perspectiva — To Look at and Through

I have never thought of myself as a writer. By now, I imagine that it’s fairly clear that I see myself as a type of distillery, the filter through which … Continue reading

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Manifesto Seems Like Such a Dirty Word

There aren’t many words that can be easily substituted for “manifesto.” Proclamation? Declaration? Statement, I guess, but who wants to be so bland? The sadness of semantics is that, often, … Continue reading

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