J.B. Blackford

Refine. Hone. Distill. The self is a text, too.


How Weather Affects Us, Manuscript Excerpt: Most of my freelance gigs are simply an MSWord .doc emailed back and forth, or uploaded to a site. Track Changes and Comment functions offer the same versatility as hand-editing and margins do. This is a portion of a manuscript written by a non-native English speaker.

Sojourner House Manuscript Excerpt: Sometimes clients want hard-copy drafts edited by hand, but aren’t familiar with proofreader’s marks, so I have to be flexible with how I communicate the necessary edits.

Two-week Editorial Calendar: Ten story pitches with relevant research and photo links for a client who promotes eco- and globally-conscious products, companies, trends, and people.

Short Writing Excerpts: In general, my writing falls into a more academic arena; these are two snippets from articles written about the veracity of the TV show L.A. Ink, and my favorite poet, Mina Loy.


Copy Editor/Proofreader/Copywriter for InnerWorkings — A leading global marketing firm

Editor/Writer/Social Media Manager for The Spot Press — A small producer of fine art/documentary photography: handmade artist’s books, gallery-quality prints, and notecards

Developmental Editor/Copy Editor/Writer for Charlee Brodsky — Fine art/documentary photographer; professor of photography at Carnegie Mellon University

Developmental Editor/Copy Editor/ Web Designer/Writer for Madelyn Roehrig —  Photographer/installation artist

Developmental Editor/Copy Editor for Karl Heller, Ph.D. — Author of From Hitler to Christ: A Journey from Darkness to Light

Editor/Writer/Social Media Manager for TheSustaintableCollective.co — A social-impact organization supporting healthy, organic, local products. Launching soon!

 Proofreader for Mometrix Media, LLC. — Provider of test-prep material and SEO-optimized encyclopedic Web content

Developmental Editor/Copy Editor/Ghostwriter for Shannon Johnson, Esq. — Owner/Head Writer for Bohemian Writer, LLC.

Associate Course Director, English Composition at Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL

Copywriter at Three Stars, Inc.

Please email me at jbblackfordeditions@gmail.com to discuss my freelance services, including developmental and substantive editing, copyediting, proofreading, or copywriting.


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