J.B. Blackford

Refine. Hone. Distill. The self is a text, too.


I am one of those people whose education has taken up a massive portion of her history. I finished my M.A. in English at Duquesne University in 2008, and since then have been trying to figure out where I fit into this post-educational, professional world. I teach, I write, and I edit, although the latter is my absolute preference and unadulterated passion. When people ask what I “do,” I tell them that I work with words.

I am an army wife and a would-be novelist; I will never be a poet. I would love to go back to school for speech pathology, or drop everything and go to culinary school (except that my student loans remind me that’s not the wisest choice). My need to be working on some project often won’t let me relax even when I want to, and if the choice is between depriving myself of sleep or giving up a good book at an interesting (not even crucial) point, I’d rather drink extra espresso the next day. My imagination begs to be an artist in all manner of visual mediums, but my skill lies in language, so I continue to hone my talents and refine my craft.

As technology creates a strange distance between people, wherein we are more connected than we ever have been in terms of immediacy and convenience, but more separate than ever before when it comes to real-life interaction and impression, I hope that this digital space I build can cross that gap.


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