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To Begin Somewhere in the Middle

A blog is something I have never been able to maintain, mostly because I don’t ever feel like I have that much to say about anything. Then I realized two things:

1) To be competitive and keep apace of the rapidly-digitizing publishing industry, I need to become more comfortable with mediums like this while maintaining a web presence, and,

2) I talk all the time, about all kinds of things, so who am I kidding?

But for my purposes here, I will try to corral myself into staying focused on those things which relate directly (or at least tangentially) to my love of the English language, my slowly-forming editing career, and the way that literature, education, and the industry of which I want to be a part are being affected by the headlong rush of technology. I am already certain there will be digressions (like at some point talking about the inception and cultivation of my love of reading and books), and I am certain that this whole endeavor will evolve as it progresses; however, at its foundation, it will be a vessel for me to connect to and with all of you…the thinkers and doers and creators and talkers and innovators…and create a dialogue in which I continue to learn and grow, and also, perhaps, inform you about my passion and the “art” of my work as I see it.


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